How to Measure Your Countertops for an Estimate

As soon as you’ve begun shopping for stone you’ll want an estimate that’s as accurate as possible, as quickly as possible! The best way to achieve this is to make it easy on your fabricator to understand the scope of your project, and will first require a detailed and easy-to-interpret drawing of your countertops. Some fabricators (like us) offer free measures within some distance of their location, but for many reasons the onus may fall upon you to generate this drawing. Keep reading this blog to learn exactly what information is important to include, and in what format, as well as some things to avoid. Keep in mind it's best to visit us with all of these details so we can go over the multitude of options that change on the daily!!

Quick qualifier: If you're looking to learn how to measure your countertops IN PLACE of having us template your project, you should check out this blog post instead!

Here are the specifics about your project we'll need to generate an accurate estimate:

  1. Layout with measurements of your countertops (not your cabinets), with which edges are finished, and with the location and size of any backsplash

  2. Location and type of any cutouts, and whether or not they are polished

  3. Custom features, large overhangs, etc.

Bonus information that may or may not matter (include for brownie points):

  • Dishwasher Location

  • Style of cook-top/oven: Drop-In, Slide-in, or Stand-alone

  • Edge profile on both your countertops and backsplash

Not bad, right? We agree, but the format in which we receive this information is just as important to estimate-turnaround-time. Here is an example of a good drawing: