Remnant Shopping Guide

The official start of Summer is just around the corner, yet at the moment remnants are the hottest thing on the natural stone market! A natural byproduct of the fabrication process, these underrated little guys have been around as long as humans have been using natural stone. Now, with rising material costs and good labor priced at a premium, homeowners are looking for more ways than ever to tighten their budgets around countertop materials, and their appreciation for remnants has never been greater. Aside from the lottery (not recommended), and ritual sacrifice of old laminate (definitely recommended), quartz and granite remnants are the best natural (or supernatural) cure to budgetary maladies. If you’ve heard that remnants cost less than slabs, that you can hand-pick the exact piece(s) you want for your project, and that the turnaround time is quicker than on slab jobs, then you’ve clearly been well informed! However, despite the celebrations that these advantages afford homeowners, there are still a few things you need to be diligent about when shopping for remnants. We know you’d rather be at the lake, so let’s go over a few pointers that will make your hunt for remnants as fast, inexpensive, and painless as possible!

1) Know the details of your project before you come in!

First off, remnants are just like you and me: they come in all shapes and sizes and each one is completely unique. But just because granite and quartz remnants are so versatile doesn’t mean that they’re appropriate for every project. The general rule of thumb is that your kitchen is unlikely to fit on remnants, your bar will probably fit on a large remnant, and your bathroom will almost always fit on a remnant. It’s also true that the larger your project, the fewer remnants will be large enough for that project and the fewer color choices you’ll get to choose from, and vice versa. For large projects, slab-shopping will offer you a much larger range of colors and finishes, albeit at a higher price.

Anyway, because we carry so many different styles of stone, we’ll need to know the dimensions of your project and the material/color scheme you’re looking for to even begin exploring! Don’t know where to start? Try here. Also, if you bring in color samples of the other surfaces in the space (tile, flooring, cabinet, paint, etc.), you won’t have to guess at which remnant is best for you, and you won’t waste time looking at stone that’s not a good fit!

When you inevitably do find a remnant that you love, you’ll likely want it quoted right away so you can make a decision without having to wait! In order for your fabricator to sweat over making a quote while you drink coffee and talk about the weather, they’ll need a few key details, so for their impending questions be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Backsplash. For vanities, bars, and other wall-touching countertops, know if you want backsplash and the details of how you’d like it made. Backsplashes can be customized as much or more than countertops themselves, and your fabricator can quote you price options with or without backsplash included! (Pro-tip: Consider how backsplashes may interact with any electrical outlets on the walls. Outlets can be cut into stone, but they often add cost.)