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Can I use cultured marble in my kitchen? No. Cultured marble was not engineered to withstand the rough and tumble environment of the kitchen. Excellent form, Zero function. Do. Not. Do. It.

How often do I need to seal my natural stone countertops? People have been preparing food on unsealed natural stone for over 2000 years. Over the last 20 years or so, stone sealants have become popular as a means for resisting cooking oils and red wine spills, These types of “stains” have historically provided character and interest, not to mention a homey sort of patina to the stone. With the advent of stone sealants, the stone is protected from most patina-making-incidents. The stone we use is sealed during production at the quarry and again after we fabricate it. After three to five years of normal use, the sealant breaks down and a new application may be applied. It is entirely up to you whether you allow the stone to age gracefully in your home with an aura all its own, or to re-seal at three to five year intervals.

How do I repair a chip in my natural stone countertop?

You have two options: you can either invest in a decorative vase with diameter slightly larger than the size of the chip, or you can call us to schedule a service call.

Can I cut directly on natural stone countertops? Zimmer Marble Company is not yet in the business of selling knives. Until we launch that division of the company, we suggest that you take out an insurance policy on your Cutco investment or refrain from cutting on the surface of the stone. In addition to dulling your knives, and depending on your anger level while cutting or chopping, you risk marring the stone, too. Use a cutting board.

Can I place hot pans directly on natural stone? There is an old fable, created and propagated by the owner of this business, to explain the origin of the Grand Canyon. Once upon a time, the Celestial Beings were making their famed Celestial Chili. After removing the hot cauldron from medium-high heat on the front burner of the sun, they set it down to rest over what is now known as the state of Arizona. Hearing a splintering noise moments later, they picked up the pot to discover what would become one of the seven wonders of the world. In most cases, stone can handle earthly heat from a hot pan. But just to be on the safe side and to keep your countertop from becoming a tourist attraction, use a hot pad or trivet.

Do I need to worry about bacteria or food borne illness from my natural stone countertops? To be honest, if your chicken does not make it to 165 degrees, it does not particularly matter what type of countertop you have. You better plan on calling in sick for a few days. ps: A 2006 study comparing the cleanability of granite, marble, and engineered quartz surfaces showed that all are easily cleaned to meet FDA surface sanitizer criteria. A 1999 study showed that granite was named tops in cleanability in tests involving stainless steel, concrete, tile, plastic and laminate.

How do I pay for this stuff? Cash is the currency of the realm. Checks and some types of plastic are also acceptable. In extreme cases, some trades will be considered as long as the person or item being traded is at least ten times more valuable than the stone.

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